August 18, 2010

World's best country

For a while, I have been back in "Good Old Germany" and have been working hard on finishing my studies. Right now, I can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. In about 10 months, I plan to hold my degree in my hands.
In these past months, I have been talking to friends and family members about my future. The questions have always been the same: What will you do after your studies? Where will you go? Do you have plans already?
All questions came down to one answer: Yes, I do have plans!
I want to move back to Finland, more precisely Helsinki, and start a life there. And the reason for it: It's the worlds best country!

Just yesterday, a friend let me know about NEWSWEEK's new ranking of "The World's Best Countries" and guess who was the overall winner: FINLAND!

It ranked highest in "Education" and also reached Top 10 spots in the areas "Quality of life", "Economic Dynamism" and "Political Environment". These high rankings made it the overall number one country. BTW: Germany only ranked 12th out of 100.

As everybody might guess by now, I really feel connected to Finland.
The people are so calm, but friendly, take their lives seriously, but don't just work all the time. Families enjoy their free time together and experience the country. The nature is amazing and the lifestyle just fits me perfectly.

Helsinki, as the capital, sure is a fashion city. You can see lots of pretty girls on the streets, in cute little dresses or oversized sweaters, but with hints of rock glam and goth chick.

Tomorrow, I will fly to Helsinki for a two week vacatio. I want to see old friends and will try to bring back some new and different viewpoints on Finland and the Finnish people.


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