December 12, 2017

Florals with a view


Oh well, it's almost Christmas and here is my final Autumn look! This is from a Saturday a couple weeks back when it was unusually warm and we went on a little furniture shopping trip to IKEA. As we have moved house during September, IKEA and other furniture retailers have been our second home, at least that is how it felt for a couple of weeks. Now, the house is slowly coming together and after Christmas we are planning a house warming party and I will share one or two posts of the new interior with you here. 
Back to the outfit - I love this dress during summer, but actually really like it for Autumn with some boots as well. It works extremely well with tan and copper accessories. Who cares about this "tan and black don't go together" rule anymays. I will definitely wear this combination again and might try a winter look in the upcoming weeks with some snow. 


What I wore

Dress: Primark
Boots: Deichmann
Tights: Esda
Jacket: Thrifted, DKNY
Necklace: Thrifted
Bracelet Heirloom






December 5, 2017

Casual Autumn walk


Christmas is fast approaching and I am currently working my way through my Autumn photos to show outfits in the snow soon. We already had a couple of days worth of white and I love it! Winter is my favourite and Christmas especially. While editing this post, I have been listening to Christmas songs non-stop and these pictures with the thin jacket, golden leaves and sun seem a little surreal, but I really like the outfit and wanted to share the look. I finally got my Michael Kors Bedford in Burgundy out for the Fall and Winter. It is such a lovely bag and I don't regret buying it one bit. It is a great bag for the darker months brightening up any dark look. Also these cargo pants are my new favourite. I got them in the sale at LongTallSally and loved them so much, I had to get them in khaki as well. They fit well and have an easy-going vibe to them. Perfect for the weekends!



What I wore

Jacket: Primark
Blouse: C&A
Scarf: Pieces
Shoes: Deichmann
Ring: gift
Necklace: no name





November 28, 2017

Rosé and aquamarin


These photos were taken during the amazingly warm end of October when we had a day of nearly 20 degrees and then it dropped to minus 2 and snow in about 48 hours. I really love this look though and still wanted to share it. I can never get enough of this skirt. I love the color and it is so effordless, easy to style and always works well with any mood. 



What I wore

Skirt: C&A
Cardigan & Blouse: Primark
Bag: TKMaxx
Tights: Esda
Shoes: Deichmann
Necklace: Thomas Sabo
Ring: Kaufhof
Watch: Skagen






November 24, 2017

Red Leaves


This Autumn has been gone in literally now time. We have had so much to do with the move that we barely had the chance to go out and enjoy the cooler Autumn weather, the colored leaves and I felt a bit sad about it. Luckily this whine leaves behind our house were there for at least one outfit look. 
We did already have our first snow now and I am in the middle of preparing for my favourite "season" - Christmas!! I do wear this look featured in this post all the time now, though it is getting a bit too chilly for the thin tights and I have exchanged them for opaque ones. But a pretty pencil skirt and blouse are my work staples and I am so glad that my office rules let me wear almost everything (sans deep cleavage or too short hemline). 



What I wore

Skirt: C&A
Shirt, Skarf & Jacket: Primark
Necklace: thrifted
Ring: H&M
Tights: Esda
Shoes: Deichmann
Bracelets: Glitter


The cargo jacket has been a new favourite, definitely a great buy. Now, it's too cold for it alone, but I often wear these thin types of jackets as a cardigan at work and add another coat on top outdoors. The bucket bag on the other hand I did want for such a long time, but now that I have it, I don't really use it. Maybe it's the light color, but I might just not be that into trends anymore. I will keep it for the Spring/Summer, let's see what I think of it then! 




November 12, 2017

60s wedding guest


I recently was invited to my sister-in-law's wedding and decided to wear a twin piece by Lindy Bob, as it was an October wedding and I definitely wanted to wear a dress with a matching jacket. That is not an easy task when it comes to reproduction or vintage pieces. Not a lot of companies produce matching jackets to their dresses that I liked, but this Marianne Swing dress in Teal was the perfect choice. I love the fit of the dress and jacket, with a long enough hem line for my preference and the 3/4 length arms. The color is so fresh and I got a lot of compliments on my bold choice. The fabric is nice and heavy and the skirt swings well. I did wear a petticoat underneath for that extra puff, but you could wear it on its' own as well. I did want to wear light colored accessories with the look, but when the day came, the weather was really bad with a lot of rain and I didn't want to ruin my beige shoes, therefore I opted for all black accessories. These mary jane shoes are a total staple in my wardrobe and I currently own them in 5 different colors. One for every occasion, but these black ones are never a bad choice.



What I wore

Dress and Jacket: Lindy Bob
Headband: no name
Glasses: Metropolitan
Bag & Brooch: thrifted, vintage
Shoes: Deichmann
Tights: Esda
Watch: Skagen






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