January 11, 2011

Back to the 50s Party – decoration and food

The preparation of my “Back to the 50s” Birthday party kept me busy for the main part of Friday. I had decided to go with an American-style buffet and typical treats such as muffins and sandwiches. I had also baked chocolate cookies in advance and kept a big amount of other small snacks close by (marshmallows, Lolly Pops, Chips and Popcorn). Apart from the snacks, I prepared Jell-o Vodka shots with whipped cream and a punch with dark berries.

I live in a shared apartment with two other girls, Selina and Julia. Both are very supporting when it comes to my efforts for a great and well prepared party. Already during the day, I got all their help to prepare the kitchen and my room.

The decorations were mostly vintage garlands and paper lanterns from my mother’s collection, as well as confetti.  In addition, I used deco pieces I have been collecting through the years, for example a vintage alarm clock and a book about Elvis by Robert Gordon .

I am a huge fan of candles and for my birthday I decided to go a bit against my usual clean decorations and bought extra sparkly candles in purple, black and silver to decorate my room and the kitchen.

Did I go overboard? What do you guys think?


DreamCatcher said...

Wow! Did you go over board? Nopes! I think the whole setup is brilliant :)! Mac

LesFee said...

ich finds super!!!! :)

LesFee said...

ich finds super!!!! :)

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