February 17, 2011

Awkward … or is it Awesome!?

It’s Thursday again and that means: Awkward and Awesome Thursday!! Still doing mine, even though Sydney (The Daybook) took a week off.

Today has been a day of starting and finishing things – I feel so productive, crossing one thing off my To Do List after the other. The only thing disturbing was my outfit. It was the first time that I wanted to cross this day off the challenge, but I used my 30for30 pieces and in the beginning I said that I wanted to really do one outfit EVERY day. So here it is, Nr. 16. It’s not the fanciest outfit anyways, but the blouse gave me a hard time. It was just too fluffy and not tailored enough to wear it under a tight long-arm shirt. Well, you learn from your mistakes. Let’s see what I will be able to come up with for more outfits.

I love snow and sometimes I eat it :)

What I wore (apart from the 30x30 pieces, find these here)

Scarf: local Bag shop
Ring: H&M
Necklace: Thrifted; Helsinki Flea Market
Headband: Claire's Leipzig
Lipstick: P2; "Rodeo Drive"

Yes, you see right, I am wearing Lipstick!

  •           Going to the Doctor’s and the receptionist telling you at 9.30 that they aren’t taking any more patients the whole day (office hours 8am till 6 pm) – I should come back the next day and try again, maybe I could get a spot
  •           During lunch with a friend, calling her by the name of the girl I had coffee with the day before
  •           Running into a guy you had one date with and never wanted to meet again – total “she/he is just not that into you moment”
  •           Talking to a friend on the phone – opening facebook while chatting away and recognizing that it’s her Birthday, asking her “Is it your Birthday today?” and her answer: “Yeah and you already congratulated me via text message earlier today!”
  •           Trying to show off with my new phone and then searching 3 minutes for Bluetooth, way to go, geek!

  •           Making progress with the plans for an Internship in Finland in the summer
  •           Having to get your pants tailored – I must have lost some weight
  •           Taking photos in the snow, was so much fun and not even that cold
  •       Ordering some stuff from the pharmacy and having them delivered home 2 hours later – fast and convenient!
  •          Lots of White Fu tea – my favorite from the Sushi place
  •           Handmade carrot muffins by my flatmate – and she is sharing them!!
  •           Watching the re-run of “O.C. California”
  •           Finally found some decent AND cheap lactose-free chocolate – Yummy!
  •           A free and unplanned weekend ahead! All those options awaiting me :)


Savannah said...

Your scarf is so pretty!

Linda said...

Ha! The birthday thing is too funny (and awkward).
That scarf is a great color. And we all have those days that we wish we could just use to cross off the list.

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