February 14, 2011

Happy Pink Day

Today is Valentine's Day. Most people celebrate it with their better halves. For some it is just another commercialized holiday that makes retail sellers happy and let’s people spend money.

For me, Valentine’s is the day of love and togetherness. I, as a notorious single, have a tradition that I’ve been following for a couple of years. I spend my time with people I love, no matter if they are my family or friends. I always do something nice with my friends, for example meeting up with them for a spa day and grabbing some cocktails afterwards. This year, unfortunately, Valentine’s is a Monday, so my friends (the ones with a normal life) have to work. Therefore, we will only watch some romantic movies tonight! I can’t wait :)

As my photographers are nowhere to be seen (they do have Boyfriends, lucky them!), I will post my outfit tomorrow.

For now, I want to share some things that are important to me and are perfect for today’s celebrations. For me Valentine’s goes together with a great color – Pink! So here it goes – my favorite things “Pink”!!

{ I have all SATC episodes on DVD and could watch it over and over again! I am a sucker for OPI Nail Polish and this one is especially daring }

{ I just bought it last weekend at the garden exhibition }

I wear a lot of headbands as they are a great accessory for long hair. Mine being dark works well with bright colors! }

Pillow - by Landhausflair.com
Book – Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell (Season round up) by Schwarzkopf and Schwarzkopf
Nail Polish – OPI “Ate Berries in the Canaries”
Cupcake – Strawberry flavored hand cream bought in a little store in Helsinki
Brooch – Gina Tricot
Headband – Seppälä Finland
Perfume – Lacoste “Touch of Pink”


Savannah said...

Pretty pink goodies! Hope you have a great V-Day! :)

Hayley said...

That is my favorite perfume!! hope you had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Looks like a perfect night to me!

Emily said...

Looks like a perfect night to me!

Hayley said...

That is my favorite perfume!! hope you had a great day!

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