March 7, 2011

Body Issues

Every person out there knows this. We all have our flaws and have some issues with our body. Some don’t like their legs, some feel they are too thin or weight too much, some curse their curly hair and some people don’t like their toes. I bet every person could list a couple of things they are not so happy with. The media and fashion industry even intensify this issue by presenting the world with an ideal body type that probably 1% or less of the worlds’ population fits to. Katy of ModlyChic recently posted on Fashion Beauty Friend Friday a discussion on body image. It made me think more about my own issues with my body and, even though I am quite confident, of course, I have several trouble spots as well.

One “issue” that I would like to address further, is my height. I grew up as a normal girl, went to high school and have always been taller than everybody else. For a while, it didn’t show that badly, but in 7th grade, I was fully grown to my present height of 6’2’’. As a 13-year-old teenager life can be tough already with puberty around the corner, but imagine life in an all-girls class when you overtop everybody by at least one head length.  Fashionable clothes were no subject for me for a long time, as I was happy when I actually found a pair of pants that fit. Often, I had to go to the men’s department and pants were ill-fitted. I hated this time of my life and started hiding in dark clothes. Only when moving to NYC and seeing the people wear whatever they felt like, did I start being more confident and trying out different styles.


Today, after years of hard work and a lot of confidence building, I have somehow found a style that suits my body type, but still compliments my biggest asset - my long legs!


Still, life as a tall woman is difficult, shopping is hard and you get weird looks and hear people whisper “look at that woman, she is so tall…”. My whole family is quite tall and my mom told us every day that being tall is cool. I believe her and feel the same way, but I can imagine that a lot of tall women might not be that confident about her height. I hope that my blog can help others building more confidence and playing with their height. I love to dress up, fashion is fun and you only need to search a bit longer for the right clothes.

{ one of my highest pairs of shoes }

I love wearing high heels. I don’t care what other people think. I am already tall, so why not wear heels and even lengthen these killer legs!? I don’t want to limit myself just because society thinks it is inappropriate for a woman to be taller than her man (not to mention that I haven’t found the guy yet, so I can play around even more!).  Sure, pants are an issue, but I have found a catalogue that offers clothes for tall women and there I order jeans and other pants. They will never be super stylish or following the newest trends, but they are great basics.


The A-line skirts that are currently in fashion are just made for me. Their knee-length does shorten legs quite a bit, but mine are long enough to support this fashion. Not to mention the great work they do on my hips (the other “issue” I’ve got).

{ with these shoes I can barely walk through the door :) }

I can only say, being tall is not a curse, it is a gift that every woman should embrace and play with! I do it every day :)


joelle van dyne said...

good for you, embracing your height and rocking it! your long legs are definitely something to be proud of too. i LOVE the heels you're wearing here- they look comfy AND cute.

Linda said...

Good for you! I'm tall, though it sounds as though you are taller, and I am all about wearing some heals at work. (At home it's different because since the fella and I are the same height - and I don't like towering over him!)
But I say, if you love heals, wear em! And show off those long stems!

The Auspicious Life

Anne said...

hey :)
I have the same height like my bf and I still love my high heels, so why should I not wear them and be taller than him?! :P we are fine with that! :)

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