March 19, 2011

Free time - happy time

A free Saturday just to do whatever I feel like … amazing!! In the beginning, I didn’t know what to do with all those opportunities. I started the day with a lovely breakfast with my good friend K. We chatted away and enjoyed the morning with fresh rolls and scrambled eggs, Yummy! Later, she had to go to work and I made a little visit to my favorite shoe store. A certain pair of wedges has been on my mind for a while and finally, I bought them. Just couldn’t resist anymore! The rest of the afternoon, I spent catching up on some personal reading, no university stuff this time :)


My outfit has been very simple for the day. Didn’t need any dressing up today, just plain comfy feeling. The pics are courtesy of my sister once again!


What I wore

Shirt: H&M
Pants: Long Fashion
Cardigan: Thrifted; KleiderKreisel
Shoes: Deichmann
Necklace: gift from my host family
Headband with Butterfly: Claire’s; Dublin
Lipstick: Nivea Colour Passion “Sepia 06”
Umbrella: Tchibo, borrowed from my sister



This week, I was once again rewarded with an award for my blog! I am so happy and honored to receive the “Versatile Blogger Award”.

Thanks to wonderful Savannah of The Joy of Living once again!!!


So here are the seven random facts about me

  1. 1.I am like a guy when it comes to food – better don’t talk to me before I had breakfast. My mood literally goes from 0 to at least 7 (on a scale from 0-10) after the first bite.
  2. 2. I have a huge girl crush on Katy Perry :)
  3. 3.  The biggest geek-hobby that I’ve got – Scrap booking. And I am so proud of it!!!
  4. 4.  I’d rather find a Vampire sitting on my window sill than a ghost lying under my bed.
  5. 5.   I’d like to live on each continent for a longer period of time - including the Arctic (a sledge dog expedition would be cool!) – I am still missing three!
  6. 6.  I love watching fairy tales – which girl doesn’t want to be a princess?! :)
  7. 7.  My mom still calls me her “baby girl”, even though I am a grown up and have a younger sister. Oh and I am not small as well.
Some really random and fun facts about me, hope you liked them!


I would like to hand over “The Versatile Blogger” Award to


Savannah said...

I Lolita Katy perry too! She's so awesome! Your umbrella is super cute I'm jealous!

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