March 28, 2011

Shoe of the Week – Wellies

Spring is coming, but not every day is filled with sunlight and warm temperatures. April is well-known for its’ beastly weather. It is hard to brave the elements in style, especially when it counts. When it pours down, all our favorite shoes get soaked and a day with wet feet is preprogrammed. How can you keep your feet dry? And how do you do this in style?

The Wellington boots, also called Wellies, rubber-boots or muckboots, are the perfect solution for this problem. I was inspired to feature the Wellies by Bee’s post of Atlantic-Pacific and with the weather turning somersaults, I thought it to be the perfect footwear for this week. Well, I guess, the sun in all of those pictures shows that my career as meteorologist is not going to happen.


{ Ernsting’s Family }

Wellington boots, or Wellies as I will call them, were first made in 1817, when Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, ordered a pair of calf-length leather boots from his shoe maker. He wanted boots that he could wear during battle, but that were also appropriate for dinner parties. First made out of leather, they maintained the name from their originator. Later, they were made of rubber by Hiram Hutchinson for the field workers and in the two world wars kept the feet of the soldiers in Europe’s flooded trenches dry.


Today, the style and fabrication is far from the original Wellington, but the name stayed put. In recent years, the Wellies became popular amongst every day fashionistas, supported through famous trailblazers such as Madonna, Kate Moss and Paddington Bear. The rubber boots became more than practical field footwear, they became fashionable accessories. Now, a lot of shoe companies carry a small range of colorful rain boots. Of course, the Wellies are considered more suitable as everyday footwear, but how do you combine them?

For a day at work


Wear it together with your normal office attire. The skirt could be longer as well, to be more business appropriate. Bring your normal shoes in an extra bag or have a pair stored at work! A simple outfit spiced up with colorful accessories!

What I wore

Blouse & Skirt: H&M
Necklace & Bracelet: Bazaar; Rio de Janeiro
Tights: Esda
Ring: Ebay
Shades: C&A
Lipstick: Catrice Rouge Satin “Spanish Red”


For a weekend trip


A pretty outfit that works well with rain and wind. Wear the skirt with thick tights or leggings, to keep the cold away. The leather jacket does the same for rain and wind! The jeans skirt is more sturdy than jersey skirts and is less prone to gusts of wind. You can prevent Marylin Monroe moments.

What I wore

Shirt & Leggings: Gina Tricot
Cardigan: Thrifted
Skirt: C&A
Leather Jacket: Mister & Lady Jeans (men’s department)
Shades: H&M


Prepared for a festival


Remember Woodstock? I think Wellies would have helped the people to keep their feet dry. I frequently visit festivals and those rubber boots are life savers on concerts that are lasting several days. The weather is unpredictable and areas with thousands of people turn into mud fields in no time when it rains during a festival. The outfit needs to be comfortable for any concert. When standing long hours and rocking your socks off, ¾ pants are the best choice (no wet pant legs) and of course a band T-Shirt.

What I wore

Shirt: Kiss Merchandise
Pants: C&A; gift from my sister
Ring: Thrifted
Shades: H&M
Lipstick: Catrice Rouge Satin “Spanish Red”


What do you think about Wellies as fashionable footwear and how do you wear yours?


Savannah said...

I love them! They are so perfect for the crazy weather here!

Ceri said...

Love the wellies. I have just invested in a pair of Polka dot wellies ready for summer festivals too. Some great outfits!

Strawberry Freckleface said...

Tights from Esda? Where is that? I want those tights.

strawberry freckleface

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