April 28, 2011

Is it Wednesday ot Thursday?

OMG – It’s Thursday already. It feels still like Wednesday. The week has gone by in no time and I can’t wait for the weekend. We will celebrate Walpurgisnacht on Saturday and First of May (Finnish Vappu) on Sunday. I am hoping for a weekend of fun in the sun!



This outfit is the last one from the Easter weekend. As mentioned before, I am still looking for the perfect light Spring/Summer dress. Until I have found it, I am still loving this linen black cocktail dress that my mother found a couple of weeks ago.



What I wore
Dress: C&A
Cardigan: Gina Tricot
Bolero & Belt: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann
Brooch: Thrifted

Another Thursday A&A must have!!

  • When you try to take Outfit photos as a big rain storm is approaching – a fight for minutes without getting drained and a run for every photo
  • My father showing up one day early for our Friday afternoon plans – for a minute we didn’t know, who was living at the wrong date
  • Carrying two cakes into the garden for afternoon coffee and having a Marilyn Monroe moment. - What would you do? Drop the cakes or show everybody your undies??
  • William & Kate everywhere – I of course am happy for them, but seriously, there are other topics out there as well. Won’t have any luck tomorrow, the channels are full with it already today
  • Sunburn on the shoulders when al lyou wanted were tanned legs - painful

  • Short week after the Easter weekend!
  • My handmade skirt finally arrived almost 2 months after the order was placed – at least it fits very well!
  • Easter weekend – spent some great time with the family
  • Got an invitation to the wedding of my good friends M. & H.! Can’t wait to be there!!
  • Cooking with my flatmates – those two are always good for a laugh and the food was great as well


Savannah said...

Thats such a pretty dress!

elle s'ennuie said...

I've been avoiding English-language media for the past few days, the wedding stuff is getting absolutely ridiculous.
The dress is gorgeous, and it suits you so well!
Hope you have a fun Walpurgisnacht (I -loved- the story 'The Little Witch' as a child:) and Vappu!

Leah said...

I love the splash of bright pink with the belt.

xo L.

Monica said...

I love the red skinny belt! Did it come with the dress? Love your blog, we're your newest followers! I hope you'll follow back!

Ask the Duplex

Katie said...

A black linen dress is perfect!

Voguesuit said...

I love the pink belt! x

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Thx for the lovely comment and welcome :) The belt didn't come with the dress actually. It had no belt at all but had loops for one. Thought the red would be a nice contrast though!

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