April 12, 2011

Maximum feeling

Today I started the last chapter of my studies. I registered my thesis topic and will now have to finish my studies in the next six months! There is no turning back anymore and I can’t wait. I even got the greatest of all topics: I will be writing about American Blogs and their influence on the change of media consumer behavior. I hope that I won’t hate blogs after those next six months, but I am actually quite confident that I will get even more into the topic and enjoy it more and more, also with my own blog. I will celebrate all this tonight at a live music evening with some good friends.


One other awesome happening today – the EveryBody EveryWear Maxi Challenge. Maxi skirts and dresses are back in style and it’s amazing how versatile they are. I feel really good about my version as I wore my graduation skirt! 

Skirt/Dress | Everybody, Everywear

It was made by my mom and I wore it eight years (!) ago. First of all, I still got that one in my closet, wow! Second of all, it still fits, yippiieh!  And third of all, it’s made by my mom. I know how hard sewing is for her and how many nerves she has lost over sewing things for me. As a girl in high school, I was as tall as I am today and life was hard. Finding clothes for graduation was not working for me and my mom came to the rescue. Thanks so much!!



I paired my skirt with a beaded satin top and a little black bolero. To accentuate the waist, I added a small belt. Otherwise, I kept it classic with the accessories.


What I wore

Skirt: Handmade; by my mom
Top: Spense, TK Maxx
Bolero & Belt: H&M
Necklace: Gift from my parents
Bracelet: Pierre Lang; gift from my parents
Shoes: Deichmann


How would you style your maxi skirt?


Savannah said...

Love how you styled your maxi! skinny red belts are the best, congrats on almost being done!

Moniquezuman said...

I love your top!!

Monique xx


Angel Garcia said...

I love the belt! An unexpected pop of color is always nice..

All the best, Angel


Gypsy*Diaries said...

You wore your maxi perfectly! :D Cute!


P.S: I´m giving away a $100 beauty gift card for YSL, Chanel... etc products. Wanna join in on the fun? ;D

chantele cross-jones said...

great look, love the neck detail on your top

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steffy said...

you look pretty and i love your top!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

brittneynsmart said...

what a fascinating thesis topic! good for you! and i love -- seriously LOVE -- the teensy red belt with all of this. faboose.
http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you'd like!)

Leshungryeyes said...

Love the detail of the little red belt around your waist matching your lipstick! very lovely dear. x

Linda said...

Your mom did a great job with that skirt.
What a topic for your research. It seems rather meta, talking about blogs on a blog. It will be interesting to hear what you learn!
Thanks for joining us at EBEW!

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