April 14, 2011


Today is one of those days when you stay in bed, watch TV and read good books. It’s raining Cats and Dogs. Lucky me, I have one great outfit as back up in my folder. That’s what I WOULD wear with sun and at least five to ten more degrees.



It was actually crazy when I wore this a couple of days ago. It was really warm, but oh so windy. I guess people didn’t just stare at me all day because of this bright colored skirt. Maybe they were waiting for a Marilyn Monroe moment?


What I wore
Skirt: local store; NYC
Shirt: H&M
Cardigan: Bon Prix
Necklace: Thrifted
Ballet Flats: Deichmann


While Sid’ of the Daybook is on vacay, it doesn’t mean that we skip the A&A Thursday, just wouldn’t be the same!


  • Having an allergic reaction to who knows what part of my food – the itching is horrible! Now the medicine should help, but makes you awfully sleepy. How am I going to manage the next ten days like that? Yawwwnnn!!
  • For a second I thought it was from my thrifted clothes – thank god that wasn’t the case though!!
  • Spring went on a spring break - going from 20 degrees to 5 degrees over night means a major buzz kill and an extreme headache is preprogrammed!

  • Shopping with my mom and sis’ – even though we ended up only buying food for me (lactose free stuff is hard to get, you know!) Spending the time with them was the most important fact
  • Live music evening on Tuesday with old and new friends – one of my study buddies has been playing the bass guitar in this cool band for years already!
  • I registered my topic for my master thesis this Tuesday! – Half a year I will be writing, researching and working on nothing but blogs! Maybe even on my own :)
  • The Easter weekend is right around the corner – can’t wait for a lot of time with the family!


Shellsea said...

Love the skirt, so cute.

shellseaoberski.blogspot.com - Giveaway today :)

Leah said...

Good thing you had an outfit saved for a rainy day. That blue is so bright and beautiful.

xo L.

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