May 1, 2011

Vappu – A Tribute to Finland

In the last 7 years, I have lived in four different countries. From those countries, Finland has had the most influence on me. I spent all together 18 months in Tampere and Helsinki and loved every second of my stay abroad.  While living in the country, I met amazing people and got to know the Finnish culture. To be honest, the Finns have really gotten to me. I feel more like a Finn sometimes than a German. Maybe that’s the reason why I am planning to move back to Helsinki after the summer. It’s only an idea for now, but I am looking for jobs. Keep your fingers crossed!


Finland has a wonderful tradition for the first of May. It’s called Vappu. It’s the celebration of Spring and it is also the day of students and workers. As Finland is a quite dark place during Winter, Vappu is the day to celebrate the transition towards the season with a lot of light, good weather and outdoor times.


All cities are in the hands of the students on May Day and the eve prior to Vappu. In every city the traditions vary a bit, but some main points are similar. Every city has huge festivities with carnivals, picnics and the official ceremony where the students put a hat on one of the main female statutes of the city. It’s the sign that the place is in their hands. 

{ the overall of Helsinki Humanities Studies }

Every student wears the white graduation hat from high school and the different faculties wear their colors. Something very special to each faculty are their overalls. Each student owns one in the color of their guild decorated with different badges from events they have participated in.


Vappu is maybe THE event in Finland, followed by the Independence Day and Midsummer. Of course it is a reason to celebrate, to spend time with friends and family, have a picnic, go to sauna and have some (or a lot more) drinks.


I have had the privilege to celebrate Vappu twice in Finland and I am there again this year in my heart! This is for all my friends in Finland 

Hyvää Vappua! 


Johanna said...

Oh what a lovely blog text :)! For me Vappu ment a lot of work this time since we moved to Pikku-Huopalahti. And now I seem to have catched the Vappu flu for being outside with not enough clothes on...the same story every Vappu (u wish that the spring is finally here, but actually it is still quite cold). Hoping to see you soon in Finland, when it is actually WARM! :D


Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

glad you liked it! Can't wait to hopefully spend next Vappu with you! and also before that! Get well soon and we'll see each other in July!


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