June 15, 2011

Pentecost weekend recap

This weekend was Pentecost and it meant we had the second long weekend in a row! I enjoyed some blogging freetime and enjoyed the time with friends and family! Here is a little recap of my weekend:

Friday Night

I spent the evening at the Jennifer Rostock free concert at the brewery festival in my town. The band is one of the favorites of my little sister and we enjoyed the music together with some friends. As my good friend J. was with us (she will give birth to my little godchild in less than 2 weeks), we spent the time at a nearby restaurant and just listened. I went for a quick photo session at some point, but we enjoyed the music anyways!




Close to my city was a oldtimer rallye event, a small time trial for cars and bikes. I really fell in love with all those old vehicles, super pretty and a great way to keep old memories alive!
Later, I visited the flea market, but of course forgot my camera. I can only say that I was lucky enough to find a pretty candle holder that fits perfectly to my two others that I found at the last visit to the night flea market.




The day was beautiful with very nice weather and I basked in old memories visiting the botanical gardens. I spent a major part of my youth there, working in the gardens and with the animals when I was a scout. Yes, I was a scout for most of my teenage years and this weekend really reminded me a lot of those great times. I love nature and it was good to go back and see all those things with new eyes. Of course, I had to take tons of pictures!

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The day was reserved for the family. We had great food and watched "Letter's to Julia". What better way than spending a day relaxing with your loved ones!?


How did you spent your weekend?


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