June 22, 2011

What to read ... for the summer!

As the summer vacation time is fast approaching, I wanted to share my summer must-reads with you!

1. For the Fashion Addicts - What I Wore


One of my favorite bloggers, Jessica of What I Wore, is publishing a fashion guide and cookbook to a stylish closet all year round. I have been having this book on my wishlist for months and now it will finally be published in two weeks! Can't wait. BTW: you can enter her giveaway and maybe win a signed copy and a personal illustration, so go for it here.

2. For the Bloggers that want to make money with it - ProBlogger


As I am currently writing my Master Thesis on Blogging culture in America, this was one great find written by Darren Rowse and Chris Garrett. The writers of Problogger.net have been giving advice to bloggers all over the world and with this book try to give a compilation of all their tips. It's a good read and for those that want to get more insights into blogging, this is the book to read! Check the blog here.

3. For the Shoe Lovers - Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell


It's no secret - I love shoes and have been a SATC fan from the first episode on. I got all seasons at home and this book by Amy Sohn is a great companion for them. It explains in short each episode of the TV series and gives more insight on all characters as well as the actors. Great way to re-watch all your favorite episodes!

4. For fans of the Dark - Awakened: A House of Night Novel


I have been reading the books from the "House of Night" series right from the beginning and the new book is just as great as the others. P.C. and Kristen Cast write about dark powers, magic, youth, love and friendship in a world of wonders and vampires.  A definite must-read for all fantasy lovers. The books are totally different from the Twilight series and bring a new edge to the otherwise known vampire stories. Read more here.

5. For the Germans going to Finland - Die Spinnen, die Finnen


My mom recently found this book and it is actually written by my former boss, Dieter Hermann Schmitz. He is a German professor working at the University of Tampere in Finland. I had the pleasure of being one of his student assistants in 2007. He has now written a book about his journey in becoming a Finnish citizen. While explaining all those weird experiences with the Finnish culture, he also tells stories about being a foreigner in a nordic country. It is a fun book with a lot of anecdotes and promised laughter! Sadly enough, it is currently only available in German. 

What will you read on your vacation!?


Anne said...

Anja! tolle Buchvorschläge!! hast du das Buch von Dieter schon zu Hause? das SATC Buch hab ich direkt grad bei Amazon bestellt ;) 2 Wochen im ruhigen Norwegen stehen mir bevor und da brauch ich Lesestoff ;)

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Ja, ich weiss was du meinst :) Fliege ja auch nach Finnland. Meine Mama hat es sich gekauft und es mir jetzt für den Urlaub geliehen. Sie hat sich echt scheckig gelacht!!

Leahvdk said...

I really need to read up on how to get rich off of blogging!

xo L.

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

oh I so need to master that as well, could be the best job ever!

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