June 25, 2011

What's it gonna be?

As mentioned before, I will be going to a wedding in Finland in two weeks. I now finally found the perfect dress by Connected Apparel. The dress is dark puple (the one below is blue, but it's the same) and now I got the big issue of selecting the accessories. I will travel their next weekend and of course need to pack everything then. I got those black shoes at home and really love the sequined detailing. I think those will be the shoes to wear (I will take a pair of black ballet flats as well). My issues are more concerning the jewelry and jacket/scarf. I got a similar white blazer and a huge collection of pashmiina scarfs, so probably one of those would work as well. Need some help here! Also some suggestions for the hair styling would be awesome, especially if you have your hands on great tutorials!!

outfit to attend a wedding as a guest


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