July 26, 2011

Fly away on a jet plane

When my sister went on holiday to Turkey, my mother and I dropped her off at the airport. Before leaving on a jetplane, my little sis' still took some pictures of my outift. We had some fun on the moving walkway and joked around until we got weird looks by other travelers.


Special first appearance - my lovely new sandals!


What I wore

Skirt: C&A
Shoes: Deichmann
Shirt: Mango
Bag: gift from a friend
Necklace: Thrifted



Yeah, you have been seeing this skirt a lot lately, but with the temperatures on an average 15-20 degrees, none of my other skirts is warm enough to be worn without tights. It's cruel to think, but why do the Finn's get all that sunlight!?


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