July 19, 2011

My Cherished Collection - Handbags

I am a fashion addict, I admit it and I am not ashamed of it. I still try to limit myself with the shopping urges and manage to stay away from expensive buys a lot. I do have some weak points though as well: shoes and bags. Today, I'd like to show you my collection of vintage and thrifted handbags that I can't live without anymore. Casey of Elegant Musings has invited her fellow bloggers to show off their collections of things they cherish a lot (find her jewelry one here).
Already as a girl, I was totally into bags (even before I discovered my love for shoes!). I just feel kind of naked without a bag, as if something would be missing. 

My Handbags for every day

Vintage Bags I

Left: Tom Taylor - quite recent, but I found it on a flea market and it's real leather. It looks a bit more modern and goes with a lot of looks.
Middle: Vintage leather clutch with a short arm strap - one of my real vintage pieces, love it to death and it goes well with skinny jeans and a blazer.
Right: Jubella, Finland - one of my recent finds, haven't worn it yet, but with the strap and the gold detailing it will become an instant favorite, for sure.

The international Bags with a history

Vintage Bags II

Left: Jubella; Finland - I found it recently on a flea market in Helsinki and got it for 20cents. Can you believe that? It's genuine leather and so pretty.
Middle: La Tour Eiffel; Paris - I can't say, if this is a touristy bag or not, but I just love how it is made, just a perfect french bag with the dark blue leather and the light brown strap.
Right: Vintage YSL - I bought this bag for 5€ in my local thrift store. I have no clue, if it is a real one, but all the signs are there (I googled it!). I am so in love with this bag and wear it non-stop with everything, from jeans to dresses and I even wore it recently with the purple dress for my friends wedding in Finland.

Oversized clutches for going out

Vintage Bags IV

Black: Semi-circle bast oversized clutch - This was a lucky find online. It goes well with more laid back outfits during day time and also works well when going out for drinks. It is really spacious and fits all essentials, such as wallet, digital camera and some make up.
Silver: shiny oversized clutch with a golden clasp - perfect for a pretty party outfit. You don't need a lot of accessories apart from this bag and you will always find it :) It is also very spacious, as the bottom is stretchable.

Bags for special occasions

 Vintage Bags III
Both bags are very old and work well with any of my 50s inspired outfits.  
White: genuine leather with a silver clasp and short leather strap - It is my favorite for fancy events, such as weddings or dances. I wore it for my sister's graduation as well as the wedding of a dear friend.
Coral: genuine leather with a gold clast, short strap and an included wallet attached to the edge - very special, the wallet alone is so cool and gets me a lot of looks every time. The color is not so easy to wear though and I haven't worn it as much as I would have liked.

Which is your favorite?


The Cat Hag said...

Your vintage bags/clutches are so amazing! :)



The Cat

Rhia said...

Wow, gorgeous handbags! I especially love the orange leather bag in first set and coral in the last. Little wallet inside is adorable. I don't know what has happened, I have disliked orange but within past couple weeks it has started to grow on me... It is rare to find colourfull vintage handbags so you are lucky with your collections :D

Rhia from

Em said...

I read Casey's blog and have followed this particular series with great interest.  I love your collection!  I like nice, pre-owned leather bags similar to yours.

Laurie said...

Oh, hard to choose a favorite.  I like the leather bags and the evening bags a lot!  I have a vintage black "purse" from my great aunt, which your post reminded me of.

Kirstielou said...

Ooh the coral one is my favourite. Coral and navy go well together!

Corinne said...

Wow, I am truly hard pressed to find a favorite, probably the vintage YSL. Fantastic collection, thanks for sharing.

Peggy Lushine said...

I have to say, I'd steal that coral bag in a heart beat! I adore bags that are outrageous colors- I'm currently carrying a bright green bag as my everyday one.  Thank you so much for sharing- I can't wait to check out you other posts.

SCRAPLADY123 said...

Your bags are so pretty. I like them all but I love the coral.
Thanks so much for sharing. (I followed from Casey's blog).

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