July 2, 2011

On my way

When you are reading this, I will probably sip a hot lactose-free Chai Latte at Berlin Tegel Starbucks Coffee Shop. I am a big planner and always try to be right on time for appointments. For flights that means at least 2 hours in advance at the airport. Thanks to that and online check in, I always have nice seats, get rid of my luggage easily and have some time to relax and watch the liveliness at the airport without having to stress myself.


I can't wait to get on that plane though and quickly land again in beautiful Helsinki, even though I will miss my loved ones, especially my little goddaughter and my sweetheart.


PS: Before introducing him on the blog, I asked my man how he wanted me to refer to him. Being the perfect match for me, he wanted to be my Mr.Big. Well, that's reserved for Carrie and the girls of SATC, but he will be Mr.B. from now on :)

Happy Saturday to all of you!


Savannah Hines said...

I'm the same way for sure, I hate stressful traveling I would rather be too early. And airports do have THE BEST people watching! :) 
Your p.s. is so cute I love it :)

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Yes, people watching is the greatest part, especially on the airport. I sometimes guess where people will fly to and why :)
Yes, I really had to laugh when he proposed to be Mr.B - so funny!

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