August 13, 2011

Beauty Saturday - Lipsticks

I really like make up. I try to wear a subtle daily make up. I don't like looking like a clown or a Barbie doll. As I got a round face (I admit it, it's big!), I need some color in my face, especially eyeshadow or else I look like a big piece of chalk. As I have been focusing on my eyes for years, I was a bit reluctant to add lipstick as well. It can quickly look quite dressed up. Also, I am by no means an expert in applying lipstick and am always afraid to put stains everywhere, leaving all lipstick behind and none of it left on my lips. 


When I started reading fashion blogs, I got a bit more open towards experimenting. Since then, I have found a couple of nice shades and now I always carry a bright and a nude color in my purse.

My Lipstick collection



Pink tones


Catrice Ultimate Color 110 "Pink me Up!"
Nivea Colour Passion Chantal Thomass LE "Rose So Lovely"
P2 Pure Color 120 "Ku'Damm"

Red tones


Essence LE 50's Girls Reloaded 01 "Back to the 50's"
MAC "Russian Red"
Catrice Rouge Satin 090 "Spanish Red"

Nude tones


Nivea Colour Passion 06 "Sepia"
P2 Pure Color 030 "Park Street"
P2 Pure Color 010 "Rodeo Drive"

What's your favorite lip color and do you have a lipstick you don't leave the house without?


Feathers & Freckles said...

I love lipstick, but as a redhead I tend to get scared of bright or flashy colors. I love a bright red lip though on brunettes!! I love how you made a collage of you with all different lip colors, that's cool to see.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Yeah, sometimes I am scared of the colors as well. Red with red hair is difficult, but i think not impossible.

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