September 11, 2011

Beauty Saturday - Facial Care

Our face has some of the most delicate skin and it is exposed to the elements all year long. Especially women add to the aging process by constantly applying makeup, maybe smoking, taking birth control pills etc. Therefore, facial skin needs special care as our skin doesn't regenerate as much anymore after the age of 25. 

I am 26 now and I try to take good care of my skin. When I was younger, I used to go to the tanning salon and gave my skin a hard time every summer, wearing as little SPF as possible. I did smoke at some point as well and I guess never did my skin any big favors. For some years now, I tried to change my habits. 

I always remove my makeup at night (forget it once and your skin ages 7 days - read it somewhere!), wash my face and use hydrating cream to give it enough moisture. Today, I want to show you some products I use for my daily face care routine.

Removing Makeup

{photo sources 1, 2, 3}

 I have quite sensitive skin and have been having problems for some years with too dry spots that even peeled off sometimes during winter. Avène has been my savior. Loving all the products I have been using!

I remove my makeup with the Avène Cleansing Fluid and the Rival the Loop facial cleaning cloth with peeling effect. For my eye makeup I also use Balea Waterproof Makeup Remover to get all the products off thoroughly.


{photo sources 1, 2}

Afterwards I use the Avène gentle toner and sometimes the Bebe Morning Energy peeling gel for extra cleaning.


{photo sources 1, 2, 3-5}

My skin needs different amounts of moisture throughout the year. In summer I use the Bebe Relaxing day and night cream and during winter, I use either Nivea Visage Pure & Natural or the Avène Hydrance Optimale with SPF 20. All of those I use in the morning. In addition at night, I use the Avène Soothing Serum and the Anti Aging Eye Contour cream.

I know it sounds a lot, but I think your face is worth some extra care (it takes maybe 5 minutes at night) and some extra money as especially those Avène products are quite pricey. 

What are your facial care must haves? 


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