October 26, 2011

Apartment Makeover Part I

As I have mentioned in my last posts, I am currently moving into my first own apartment. Today is the day of the big move. I am moving into a super cute flat with two rooms and a balcony. I have rennovated it with the help of my family and friends as my grandma used to live there for more than 40 years. 

In the last weeks, we have been packing up her stuff, first of all checking for things that we wanted to keep. A lot of the things have memories attached to them and it is hard to part with most of her belongings. I will keep a fair amount of her furniture and will include them somehow.

I want to share the first part of the makeover of my living room and bed room with you!

Living Room



Prior it looked a bit like this. I kept the couch and one chair. Otherwise we cleaned it all out.



Behind the shelf unit, we found old 70s wallpaper as well as lots of dirt. We first added some ingrain wallpaper to that wall and later painted it in a light turquoise. The other walls got a white finish and the sofa and chair will get a white covering soon.



The dark cabinet is saved for my mother and will be moved tomorrow. 

Bed Room



The wallpaper is pretty cool in this room. Therefore we kept one side and only added ingrain wallpaper to the door side. I am keeping the closet and smaller cabinet, as well as the nightstands, but will transform them into something else. The carpet is still good as well. The room was pretty well kept and we only needed to work on that one wall. That's the reason my new bedroom turned into a storage for quite some time :) 



This is the first half of the makeover. I kept the kitchen and bathroom furniture and will only do some small changes there. I will share the final results of all rooms in the next weeks, so stay tuned!!


AmberBlueBird83 said...

wow you have been one busy bee! 

Anne said...

yay! wie schön! ich muss dich unbedingt mal besuchen kommen! würde meine Hilfe auch zum Aufbereiten der alten Möbel anbieten :)

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