December 31, 2011

Holiday Getaway

This last week, I spent at the family home of Mr.B. He grew up in the mountains and we celebrated the holidays together at his home. My parents drove me up there as the wanted to make a short trip themselves and dropped me off right before the Christmas day celebrations started. We enjoyed an amazing lunch made by Mr.B's mom and sister and later exchanged gifts once again. 




Mr.B. gave me a huge gift that has me smiling still today. Some might think it childish, but he gave me a wooden sled. As I am a Winter child (born only two weeks after Christmas), I have been having one of those since my birth. Two years ago, my sled finally broke down as it got wet and moldy. I was very sad as it held so many great childhood memories. Mr.B. remembered this and gave me the perfect gift! Now the only thing I need is snow to finally take my new baby for a ride :) !!!




The entire time there was filled with good food, laughs, playing board games, going hiking in the nearby mountains and spending the evening next to the fireplace with hot cocoa and stollen, a traditional cake from the area.





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