February 1, 2012

DIY - Rose frame and my 27 before 28 list

After starting not only a new year, but also a new year of my life, I decided to change up things a bit in my own life. I have always been a ToDo List person and still have them for weekly things, maybe it's a sign that I get older, but I decided to work not only with these short term lists. I want to plan more ahead during this next year to really achieve some things that have been my dreams for so long. 


I now want to fulfill them and with my 27 before 28 I hope to make some of them come true! I got the idea a while ago when following some of my favorite blogs. Elsie of A Beautiful Mess and Kaelah of Little Chief Honeybee gave me two great examples. I decided to pack it nicely so it will fit well to my other decorations and I can actually display it in my home. The arts and crafts night two weeks ago was the perfect chance to make a pretty frame for my list.


It's a very simple idea. Take a nice frame (mine is silver metal) and add some fabric roses. We used white linen cloth strands and twirled them together. Just take a 3cm wide and 50cm long fabric strand, fold it in half so it is 1,5cm wide. Roll it tightly and then half fold the fabric so it gives the pedal look. Add some glue every other round ... et voilĂ !


I made 7 roses, but you can use less and make them bigger or smaller. We also sprayed the smaller ones with enamel liquid color in red.



Do you have any plans for 2012?

PS: This is the start for No 24! 


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