February 27, 2012

Skiing Trip

Last week, Mr.B and I went on a little Winter getaway. As mentioned before, his family lives in the mountains and we had a long weekend with sledge rides, cross-country skiing and wonderful walks around the snowy Erzgebirge. 


One day, we went on a 1,6km long sledge ride down the highest mountain of the Erzgebirge (Fichtelberg - 1215m). To get to the top of the mountain, we first traveled with a small steam train (Fichtelbergbahn) to the biggest skiing resort in the area (Oberwiesenthal). From there we took the cable railway up to the top of the mountain. 


The weather was quite nice, even though there was a lot of wind and some fog, but with -5 degrees we didn't freeze our butt of too much. The sledge ride itself was also the first tryout for my new sledge, my Christmas present by Mr.B. I was a bit afraid that we either break the sledge or break one of our bones, as the coasting slide has a height difference of more than 200m and is extremely long.


The ride was one of a kind - we fell into the snow several times, but fell on soft snow, so no bruises or anything. Only once did my foot get stuck under the sledge, but without any injury. It was so much fun and I can only recommend this kind of an adventure for people like me that have no clue how to downhill ski or snowboard. I loved it and we will hopefully do it once again during the winter.



The day after, Mr.B. challenged me to go on a cross-country skiing trip with him. He has been growing up on these like Canadians on ice skates or Californians on surfboards. I on the other hand am a total city girl. Once in 7th grade my school went on a skiing trip and I "learned" to cross-country ski. Well, since then ages have passed, but hey, I am up for a challenge. 


With some bickering from my side, a lot of sweating, but no falling down, I managed the 3km round together (well, more behind) my better half. No bad view, I gotta say though :)

It was fun, I looked quite skilled while trying and I think we might go for it again some time. It's a good workout and I did feel my muscles afterwards.


Amber said...

that sounds like so much!  I would be scared of falling too but at least you fell into billowy soft snow and not the ice hard crap we have. 

Silvia said...

I've wanted to try cross-country skiing for ages.

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

Oh yes, you should try it. Much less dangerous and so much fun. It takes a while until you feel comfortable, but then it is quite cool.

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