March 29, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: Anjolee Jewelry

I am very proud to introduce my first sponsoring partner on this blog today. Anjolee jewelry caught my eye while I was scrolling through one of my favorite blogs, BrideBlu. Founded in 1977, this great manufacturer based in San Diego, CA offers a variety of high-end diamond jewelry. 

Anjolee jewelry 1

I especially love that you can customize each piece to your wishes and needs. You can select not only the metal type, but also the carat weight and diamond quality, which lets you modify the price range as well. As an extra option you can select additional gemstones for some of the designs. My favorite stone by far is the garnet and I would love to get one of those circled gemstone stud earrings.

Anjolee jewelry 2

My personal favorites are the new diamond stud earrings, though. Which girl doesn't like diamonds, right? They are simple and classic, but oh so fashionable. I could see myself wearing them with a business suit just as well as a flirty summer dress. 

Anjolee jewelry 3

Since I have been planning my friend J's wedding together with her, jewelry for her big day has been on top of our ToDo list. I could definitely see her wearing an amazing diamond anniversary band from the collection as her wedding ring and she could add some custom jewelry, like a pair of diamond hoop earrings and a pendant necklace to finish her look. 

Anjolee jewelry 4
[photo source 1;2]

Have you known Anjolee and what are your stories with the jewelry brand? Would love to hear your stories!


Amber said...

I'm not familiar with this company but I really do love those blue gemstone earrings. 

Anja_AHeartandSoulStory said...

thx a lot, hoped that my readers would like them as well

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