May 27, 2012

Starting my Instagram experience

I guess it was only a matter of time until I would start using this Instagram. It has been all over the online world, bloggers using it to share bits and pieces of their personal lives and I have to admit that it is fun to play around with the different gadgets. Still, I am a bit partial when it comes to the picture quality. It gives your shots a nice vintage look and works great for in-the-moment shots, but it could never be a substitute for my SLR. 

Tattoo convention 1

I use Instagram when I am out and about without my other camera, when I want to hold on to a moment or a special look. This weekend, it was great for taking pictures at the tattoo convention, as my SLR camera was prohibited. 

Other than that, I love taking food pictures or close up shots of plants when I just walk by. Instagram seems like a nice tool and something I get to play with. I got an Android phone, so I recon that the offered tools aren't exactly the same yet, but who knows what will come next. 

Instagram 1

If you are an Instagram user, you can follow me over  @aheartandsoulstory
I promise that I won't start posting outfit pictures with it, but I might do some bi-weekly round ups from now on!

Do you have any experience with the tool and what do you think about using those pictures on a blog?


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