June 7, 2012

DIY - Mood Book

Some weeks ago, I met with my crafting girls once again and we decided to make a notebook that could work as a mood board for collecting ideas and little scraps that inspire you in your daily life. It was once again such a fun evening with lovely chats, a lot of craftiness and an amazing book for each girl to collect thinks that are important to each one of us.


First start with cutting the outline of the book out of cardboard. Then fold it according to your planned borders and add a fold so there is space for the spiral binding.


Mine has the measures 

Front: 18,5x15cm
Back divided in two parts: 3x15cm & 15,5x15cm
side (depends on the spiral binding): 3x15cm


Then cut out outside and inside pieces for each of those parts out of your favored paper and glue them to the cardboard surface. 


We used a photo glue that looks a bit like a pocket mouse. Very useful stuff. In Germany you can buy those in the DM photo section.


Then it was time to add the spiral binding. D. is the specialist when it comes to those and we let her do her magic. She got the cinch binding machine, which made our work totally easy - just cinch in the holes, add the binding to the machine and clip it closed. Et voilĂ !



Now the only thing that needs to be done is decorating the different papers and the cover of your mood book however you like. We used various stamps, paper scraps and stickers (for interested people - find the material in D.'s online shop Bastelcafé). Below you can see the demonstration version that D. brought for us.


And my final version. As this has been a couple of weeks ago, I have already been collecting quite some ideas with it - just little clippings from magazines and inspirational quotes.



Doreen said...

D. totally like that ;-)Thank you for spreading the word, Anja. More from D. is over at www.das-bastelcafe.de

Greetings from Berlin!

AmberRGodin said...

this looks like a fun little project :)

Hope Shores said...

What a cute idea! I love papercrafts.


Anja said...

thx girl, try it out!!!

Anja said...

always for my crafting queen!!

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