June 29, 2012

What I love right now No. 15

This week was full of events - some job interviews, some hours of working at my part-time job and enjoying the nice weather that has been happening during the last days. 

My Balcony is getting greener every day and I also got a new little house for future guests :) - a belated moving in gift by Mr.B's mom. Isn't it an adorable camper/ aviary?


Loving Carrie of WishWishWish since the day I found her blog. She has such beautiful pictures and I love her retro inspired look. She is wearing her signature beehive again (Tutorial here) and I just adore this photo!

WishWishWish - Carrie

Ruche Blog shared this awesome DIY for a headband/bridal headpiece and it looks amazing! Maybe I will try this soon!

With the summer months ahead of us, I was looking for different recipes with strawberries. You can buy them now everywhere pretty cheap and they are Mr.B's favorite fruits. I am loving these Strawberry & Ginger Tarts by Frl.Klein. She always has these great inspiring food recipes. It's np secret that I adore her blog!! 

This Ferris wheel was so huge, I just couldn't take a ride on it during the fair that I visited two weeks ago. I'm blaming the chairoplane in the background for it. Got quite a dizzy from that one! Still loving this picture though, it reminds me of the thunder storm and the flush of rain that started like 5min  after taking this picture.


I am so glad that one of my favorite blogs is active again. Emerald of Sunday Crossbow has taken a break for a while, but she is back and lovely as ever!

Sunday Crossbow - Emerald

Happy Weekend to all of you!


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