July 13, 2012

FBFF - Clothes I can't live without

I think every person knows this situation - we (mostly women) got tons of clothes in our closets, but still have just a couple of favorite pieces that we rely on for our staple wardrobe. Katy over at ModlyChic has made this the topic of this weeks' Fashion Beauty Friend Friday and asked her fellow bloggers to share the pieces in our closets we just can't live without. Mine are

1. Cardigans

I always carry a cardigan or wrap with me wherever I go. First of all to work with different temperatures indoors and outside, but also because I generally like to dress in layers. They just give the outfit a different look in a really easy way. You just look put together and ready to go.


2. Skirts

As I am a really tall person (6'2''), I have trouble finding pants that are long enough for my frame. Skirts are a lot easier. Right now the midi skirt trend really helps me finding pieces that look like a knee-length version on me and that just makes my life in summer so much easier.


3. my vintage & thrifted bag collection

I love shoes, but I also really like bags and a while ago, I started collecting vintage and thrifted bags. I actually wear  most of them only for special occasions to keep them in good condition, but some really work well as a daily handbag as well.


4. dark colors and tights

I guess it's no secret that dark colors are more flattering for curvy figures and I use it on a regular basis. I really like dark tights, they enlongen the legs and slim them a bit as well.


5. The color red

It is a bright color and a long time I was too shy to wear red clothes at all. I still always loved the look of red pieces of clothing on other people. It was a revelation when I decided to finally jump over my shadow and try it out. I never looked back and as you can see from other examples, red works for all kinds of looks for me!


What are your closet staples that you can't live without?


fashionforgiants said...

Oh, man, I missed FBFF again.  Love your choices though and couldn't agree more about skirts for us tall gals!


Rachele Alpine said...

Hi, Anja!  I love your taste in clothes, and I couldn't agree more about skirts and cardigans!  I especially love skirts in the winter with boots and tights...makes me excited for cold weather to come!  I also have about a million cardigans and am always throwing them in my bags for later.  Love the red shoes in your last picture!  :)

AHeartandSoulStory said...

only managed it this time as well, been missing it for several weeks. Sadly the group is kind of dead/moved to FB.

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