August 26, 2012

What I love right now no. 19

This week, I was so glad to be back at home, right on time for my little garden on my balcony to be in full bloom. I was able to harvest my first tomatoes and they are so yummy! Mr.B doesn't like tomatoes, which means more for me!

I also love my sunflower. It has grown almost up to my neighbours balcony by now and is maybe 3m tall.


Of course thats nothing compared to my mothers garden - lovely flowers and so many great fruits and vegetables have been growing these days that both our fridges have been filled up with cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, berries and the first pumpkins.


Loving the wonderful library posted by SFGirlbyday. So perfect for a Sunday spent just reading books and having some hot chocolate with cookies.

Recently, Shop Ruche has posted several DIY projects with retro style suitcases. I especially love the coffee table version, so cute!

Happy Sunday!


Anne G. said...

oh I soo looove this library!! i can imagine it in my future house sitting infront on a cosy couch.... so nice to dream about it :) thanks for sharing :)

AHeartandSoulStory said...

me too! would love a library just like that one. already need a lot of space for my books now!!

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