September 9, 2012

DIY - vintage dresser

I love vintage furniture and when I moved into my grandmother's apartment, the place was filled with old treasures. In her cellar, we found an old dresser from the 1940s. As it turned out, it was hand painted by my grandmother's best friend as his final piece during his apprenticeship. He later gifted it to her and she kept it all those years. Sadly, when we found the dresser, it was in bad shape. The top was scratched badly and had several stains that had been burned into the enamel varnish, probablly by thinner or other chemical liquids. I really wanted this beauty to have a special place in my bedroom and it has been sitting there unfinished  for the last months. 


During our holidays, Mr.B and I decided to finally redo the top board. For that we had to get new enamel in a similar color. The best tip I can give you, if you want to redo an old furniture, get a little splinter of the original paint and have the paint mixed to this exact tone. 

What you need:

- acrylic paint (about 50ml)
- palette-knife
- spattling compound
- thinner
- acrylic paint brush
- orbital sander

First, clean off all dust and dirt from the top board. The original paint coat needs to be roughened. We used an orbital sander for that.   


Then the last uneven spots need to be balanced out with spattling compound.  



Again, the whole plate needs to be treated with the orbital sander to remove all uneven spots and the edges of the spattling compound. Finally, use some thinner to clean off the dust from surface.


Now the top board is ready to be painted with an acrylic brush, otherwise the swipes can be visibles. If any bulks or bumps are visible, treat the first coat of paint with another quick swipe with the orbital sander . Then add a second coat of acrylic paint. 



We let the paint dry for several days. For the whole procedure, we moved the dresser to our balcony to keep the dust away from the apartment. I also recommend a mask to protect your mouth and nose from dust and vapors from the paint and the thinner. 

The final result!



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