October 31, 2012

Life lately ... on Instagram

I have been a bit obsessed with Instagram lately. If you want to follow me - check my page here or add @aheartandsoulstory .

While travelling to and back home from work with the train every day, I have quite great views and see a lot. It's been amazing so far and a lot of the spots have moved right to the top of my list. All those new places to explore together with Mr.B.

Instagram October
  • Hot Chocolate for cold afternoons with the mister
  • sunset skies
  • mushroom season
  • bubbles at sunset
  • castles on my way to work
  • Autumn sky 
  • Autumn scenery
It seems that my instagram profile has been filled with either landscape pictures or food photos. Sounds a bit one-sided? I at least have that opinion and hope to take some snapshots of other parts in my life in the future as well. 

Instagram September

  • home grown tomatoes
  • sunset sky
  • Sailor costume - perfect for Halloween
  • coffee and Sunday egg with my mom's handmade egg warmer
  • sushi
  • new bowl from iittala

What do you think about the Instagram hype? Are you addicted already or still trying to stay away?

Happy Wednesday!


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Amber said...

fun shots!  I dont have a fancy phone so I have to use my husband's phone to take pics for instagram so I dont really use it too often.  I need to get myself a fancier phone :)

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