November 5, 2012

Nomination for ... Navabi Curvy Blog Awards 2012

Hello my dear readers,

Today I am adressing you directly with a hope for your support! This little blog was invited and nominated for the Navabi Curvy Blog Awards 2012 and I have the chance of visiting London Fashion Week in the Spring supported by the clothing store navabi, an (online) retailer for tall-sized fashionable clothes. I would be able to see the fashion shows in London and also report from those events. It would mean a lot to me to participate and I hope to get your support in this. 

Voting has opened today and will be running until the 25th of November.

I am number 63 (

You can vote by clicking on the button below or on this link for the English version.

Thanks so much already! I will keep you updated on the results!


fashionforgiants said...

Oh my goodness, that is awesome.  Of course I'm voting for you!!

Good Luck, Anja!


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