December 14, 2012

Christmas decorations and a cake

This year, due to work and a lot of travelling, I haven't had any time to bake Christmas cookies yet. It's very weird, as I normally start this already during the first advent weekend. Now we have to bake all the cookies for Christmas during next week! I still managed to make a quick cherry tarte with my new tarte tin for one of the advent Sundays and we enjoyed it with some hot cocoa in our festive decorated living room. I love the christmas season and nothing is more important than getting all my ornaments and decorations in place in time for the 1st of advent.



This year, Mr.B brought some of his most treasured ornaments as well and we have decorated our place with pieces from both our collections. In our area, the Erzgebirge, Christmas decorations are well-known and highly treasured. Kids start receiving their first decorations already when there are still quite young and it is a lifelong process of collecting more and more pieces in each household. I love this tradition and can't wait for Mr.B and I to pick out our first ornament together.


The baking process of the cherry tarte. Is anyone interested in the recipe?


I am a huge fan of white, silver and gold and they form the ultimate Christmas colors in our home. I try to stick to those colors and only seldom add a sprinkle of red into the mix. For example those snow globe ornaments with our names inside. They were a gift from my parents last Christmas and have had a special place on one of my pine bouquets this year. 



Mr.B wanted to get a gingerbread house for us and I got him a kit for St.Nicolaus day. He was so excited while decorating our little witch house! 


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