August 14, 2013

Beauty - My Top 3 Summer Care

It's once again time for a Top 3 of beauty. This time, Diana at I need sunshine has asked us to share our summer care. This was a bit tricky, because I rarely buy something especially for that one season. I do use some products more than others during the hot months, but it seriously took me a while to find the ones that play an important role in my summer routine.


I tried to select some products for every part of my body and kept it to beauty products only, no tools here, though a post on my current beauty tools will follow, as I found some really great things in the last months.

Meine Top 3 Logo_Sommerpflege

First of all, I am addicted to the body mousse by Isana. It is a special edition for the 15th anniversary of this local drug store brand. It's wonderful, moisturizing and light, perfect for summer and the hot days. It is less sticky than a body lotion and smells awesome, fresh and sweet at the same time! 


The Dove hair therapy oil care has been a savior for my hair. When we went on vacation, my hair got reaaaally dry from the air, the water and the nordic climate. Whenever we go up there, I know that my hair will need extra care after the trip. This spray is perfect after washing my hair. I add it to the wet ends, but keep it away from my roots as it is really oily. I will change it again soon, going back to my usual Gliss Kur total repair 19 complex spray. It is definitely a tip for dry hair, but use it carefully as it could give you oily roots easily.


The Sanct Bernhard Eskimo foot cream is another of my recent finds. I got quite dry skin and my heels are especially in need for moisture during the summer months. This cream is one of my current favourites and it really seems to help. I think a lot of the foot creams are not moisturing enough, but this has done the trick for me this summer.


What are your summer essentials? Check out all the other tips on Diana's blog here.


i_need_sunshine said...

Freut mich sehr, dass du wieder dabei bist! :-) Das Isana Bodymousse hört sich toll an! Aber auch die Eskimo Fußcreme, schon den Namen finde ich klasse ;-)

Liebe Grüße

AHeartandSoulStory said...

Ja, die Mousse ist wirklich ein tolles Produkt, liebe sie total. Hoffentlich findet man sie noch eine Weile im Laden, muss mich nochmal eindecken :)

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