August 11, 2013

What I love right now - No. 13/2013 Finnish food

When on vacation, I love to splurge. I buy souvenirs, go shopping (there always seems to be a sale going on) and I spend a lot of time in cafés, restaurants and enjoy wonderful food. Mr.B and I have had so many amazing meals during our trip to Finland and I wanted to share a couple of photos.


Compilation of wedding food, dinner at friends places and lunch.


I still wanted to share bits and pieces of that lovely wedding we attended and those were the flowers at our table.


Coffee and cakes!



Those are my favourites from the Café Esplanad in Helsinki city centre. We went to this place at least half a dozen times. I love their buns! They are famous for the big-sized ones.


Fresh flowers at my friends' place!


mark a. said...

i just had lunch but it didn't stop me from getting hungry again after seeing some of those tasty pastries! mmmmmm!

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