October 2, 2013

Autumn day in Dresden

Mr. B and I took one day last weekend to make a little trip to our state capital - Dresden. The weather was wonderful, a little fresh air, but nice and sunny and we took the car for a last spin before it is going into the winter break. Dresden has also been the place of our first short vacation together two summers ago when we had just met each other. It was nice to re-visit some of the spots that we had seen during that time! It's a great tip for all couples - re-visit places that you have a history with. It gives your relationship something to remember, something to cherish and to celebrate! 



First photos with my new glasses. Will show them more in detail in one of my next posts. I wore my dotted coat once again. It has become a real staple in my Autumn wardrobe.




On our way, we passed the Fortress Königsstein in the eastern part of the Erzgebirge. Wonderful scenery and oh what a view!




Dresden is such a beautiful city, sp many wonderful and old sights. I had to snap a couple of pictures once again in the beautiful Autumn light.





Found the Ampelmännchen together with the Ampelmädchen. The girl version is really rare!




Tomorrow is the day of German reunion, the national independence day so to say. We have a day off and will spend it with friends and family!


mark a. said...

wow! great pics!

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