November 3, 2013

What I love right now - No.17/2013

It's the first weekend of November and I have to say that Autumn has been good to us. It has been so warm and sunny that I didn't get into too big mood swings. One downside - it didn't feel like staying home, bundling up in blankets and enjoying the evenings on the couch. Now I really feel the need to start baking and I have tried some nice recipes already. This weekend we are off to visit Mr.B's sister and help her move house, but I still wanted to share a couple of nice moments from the last weeks.

Our new picture frames in the bedroom - silhouettes of me and the mister hanging over our night stands. 


A delicious breakfast called "Arme Ritter" in German. I used this recipe from Emmabee. Sorry, it's in German, want a blogpost, just mention it in the comments. The toast looks a little burned, that's just the lighting, was more of a dark brown :)



My new jewelry display. We added a couple of door knobs to the walls where I can now display my longer and most favourite necklaces. I really like these cute knobs.




My new sailor dress has already made its' first appearance during my Halloween post, but I gotta say, I'm in love and am a little sad that summer is over. I'll wear this often next year!!


Lovely rainbow from last weeks' first Autumn rain storm.


Little desserts we ate a while ago. That one was yogurth and mango, the one on the bottom was with nougat and chocolate!!



Happy Sunday!


mark a. said...

another great assortment of things you love! that breakfast is making me hungry!

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