July 3, 2014

An ode to coral


This color combination has been a recent favourite of mine. Lovely for Spring and Summer. So fresh and it suits me and my taint during the warmer months. Do you know that situation when you can wear a certain color only during a special period of time? I feel that coral and orange tones only work for me during the warmer months. I didn't pack any of those pieces for my China trip and wanted to give them a good spin prior to my travels. I wanted to wear all the things that I wouldn't take with me so to enjoy them before I have to give them up for a while. 


I have been reading the blog Josie Loves for a while. She is currently on a one year world travel and I can now understand her sadness when she had to leave her shoe collection behind. I will be back in 6 weeks, but that could possibly mean that summer is over in Germany. I wanted to enjoy it while I had the chance :) When you read this, I will have landed in Beijing and hopefully can enjoy the big city without too much of a jet lag.



What I wore

Cardigan: Seppälä
Blouse: Gina Tricot
Skirt: H&M
Bag: Primark
Bracelets: Ernsting's Family
Shoes & Necklace: Thrifted
Ring: Handmade
Tights: Esda



This bag is a new one in my collection and turned into a favourite right away. My lovely friend A. gave it to me during my last trip to Berlin. She said it reminded her of me and it would be perfect for a girl that has a serious polka dot addiction! She was right!



mark a. said...

your very pretty coral ensemble enhances your beauty and should "corral" all those of the male persuasion! ;)

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