November 19, 2014

Santa came early this year

For years, I have been using my beloved Canon 500D SLR and was really happy with the pictures. I did start looking for an upgrade a while back, though I never really made big plans. A recent lucky moment got me closer to a quick change and now I finally made the step and got me a new Canon SLR and my dream go-to lense by Sigma. This lense was supposed to be my actual next purchase and I decided to get it anymways even with the pricey new 70D body. 


Apple could be for Snow White



It has been love ever since. I never once regretted the purchase, using every free minute and light to take pictures. The camera is amazing, but the lense itself is a wonderful upgrade. It let's in so much more light and my pictures look awesome even at very low lighting. I've been playing around a little and can't wait for Christmas time with all the lights and hopefully with snow! Here are some of my trial pictures that I just had to share.




Lunch (Pelmeni) and Dessert (Blueberry and Cream Tarte)




Love my new birch candle holder


mark a. said...

santa has great taste in cameras! :)

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