January 18, 2015

Birthday Tea Party


As this year was my 30th birthday (see my look here), I wanted to make something extra special for my party. I invited my favourite girlfriends and we spent the afternoon making bathing pralinés. Later we had a wonderful tea party at my home and I decorated the place in turquoise (my favourite color for my livingroom), white, copper and also added some sparkles!


The candle holder is a DIY project and the dishes are vintage from my great-grandmother.


I instantly loved these owl muffins when I saw them first on another blog. The recipe is by Sanella and they really were the eyecatchers of my party. All the girls took pictures!





I bought all these ornaments at IKEA, the small round ones are from the Christmas collection and the bigger ones are in their permanent collection. Love them and they are still hanging right now, a week after the party! Definitely will reuse them for other parties. Great investment!


I also made some apple roses as they really look pretty on the dessert table - they need a little more preparation, but I used ready made dough, which saved me some time. The recipe is from my new baking book Fräulein Klein lädt ein.


Wintery decorations. The pegs are a DIY project and the candle holders are from NanuNana. Currently, you can buy similar ones at H&M Home.



All the flowers that I have got!


And something for the little kid in me. I put this cute caterpillar topper (Müller Drogerie) on my cake (Cheesecake recipe by Enie backt, topping cream on the cake from the book Fräulein Klein lädt ein


mark a. said...

ooo--you got all crafty for your special day! awesome!

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