August 8, 2015

A day at the carnival


This ferris wheel is huge and I have never been up there - afraid of heights anyone?! But it is a sight that just belongs to a good carnival and the Kät is one with a really long tradition. Mr.B and I try to go there every year though the weather is always bad. This time we managed at least a bit of sun and enjoyed a day with good snacks and admiring our old favourite rides. The look that I wore during that day is this one!




The sound machine has given me more than once an aching stomach - never again!


This has always been my absolute favourite when I was a kid. Dumbo especially! I have never been a big rollercoaster fan, but these flying things have always been fun to me! Same goes for chairoplanes and bumper cars! Oldies but goldies!!


And of course the haunted house - so cool, but a little scary! What has been your favourite thing to do at the carnival? Any fun stories from your childhood? Share them here in the comments!


fashionforgiants said...

These are wonderful photos. I'm super afraid of heights so most carnival rides are a no go for me; I can't do the Ferris wheel or roller coasters either.

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