December 9, 2015

DIY - new cupboard shelves with foil

After look


Before look


Some of my long-time readers might know that I am living in my great-grandma's old apartment. I moved in after her death and as it was my first apartment, I had no kitchen of my own. Therefore, I kept a lot of her furniture, including the kitchen. It is an old 1970s model and is a real gem, but hey, time is still doing it's toll on the cupboards. I recently bought a set of dishes from my favourite Finnish brand Iittala in bright turquoise and the dishes looked not so nice in the cupboards with blue checkered lining. I decided to use self-adhesive foil to give the shelves a makeover.


The empty cupboard. I used the chance and also cleaned it from top to bottom again! The foil is easy to use and I have done some upcyclings with them already. Only trouble is the bottom shelf, which can't be taken out and the foil has to be added into that small space. It took me about 1h to add the foil to all shelves. I will soon do this for the second cupboard as well, which holds my spices.


I added foil to top and bottom of the shelves as one can see the bottom side as well.


My turquoise dishes are the highlight on the shelves now and get the right attention with the light color of the foil.


What do you think about this easy DIY? Have you tried something similar or would you like to try it?


mark a. said...

that's snazzy!

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