September 29, 2016

Porcelain chic


When I saw this dress online I was instantly smitten by the print, the design and I just had to have it. Currently I am getting more into wearing dresses again and I was on the lookout for a white (but not wedding dress white) dress. I opted for the blue floral print by Collectif and was so glad that I did when it finally arrived in the mail. It's my first Collectif clothing piece and I love the fit and material. It feels so well made and looks very nice. 

My boss actually called me his porcelain girl that day and I do agree that the print looks just like china ware. I did pair it with my favourite denim jacket to make it more casual, but also added my new Clarks pumps as they are so nice and the light color might be difficult to wear in the upcoming months, but I did want to debut them here on the blog still! I think they will look great with my fancier dresses for nice parties (maybe even during the Christmas season when the weather is nice) and hope to walk them in quickly as they are still a bit stiff due to the material. I went with silver jewelry this time, but I think it will look just as great with gold or rose gold accessories. 




What I wore

Dress: Collectif
Shoes: Clarks
Denim Jacket: Primark
Earrings & Necklace:  Kalevala
Bracelet: Ibero
Glasses: Metropolitan
Watch: Skagen



You can wear it two ways - with a modest and a more revealing cleavage, but both felt great. I did go with the more modest version for work, though! The back is quite low cut for my taste and showed my tanning marks and sun spots/freckles, but my hair covers most of it, so it feels fine to me. Have you had any experiences with Collectif clothing dresses? I feel that this dress runs true to size and the length is perfect for me. As a tall girl (6'3''), I struggle even with midi dresses to find nice ones that will cover my knee cabs as I prefer this look when it comes to skirt length. This one ends just under the knee and feels fine though. It is a little large in the bust for me, so will also fit girls with a larger bosom. The short sleeves do run a little large, which is actually good for me, but might be disturbing for others. All in all this is a wonderful addition to my collection and I can see myself wearing it a lot.







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