May 1, 2017

100 years of Finland series - Travel Diary - Helsinki Part I


Today is 1st May and it is one of my favourite holidays in Finland - Vappu! It's the day of Spring, Students and workers and everyone, like really everyone, comes out for this day to celebrate with friends and family. Usually a lot of outdoor activities happen and Finns say that Vappu is also the official start of the outdoor season for them. I have experienced several Vappu seasons and they were wonderful experiences with outdoor picnics, BBQs, Sauna at the lake, lots of food and drinks and just enjoying the (hopefully) warm weather. I want to use this day to start my Travel Diary series on Finland for their 100th year anniversary celebrating Independence. As you might know, Mr.B and I share a mutual love for this Nordic country and travel there almost every summer for a couple of weeks and for the start of this series I wanted to share some photos from last year's trip with you. Also, if you are interested, I will be posting more on different regions of Finland and also updating my Top 10 list on Things to do in Helsinki soon. 


 - The White Church - 
Symbol of Helsinki


- Café Esplanad -
my favourite place for coffee and buns, but also the salads and sandwiches are great


- huge Korvapuusti - 
cinnamon bun with sugar, one of the traditional sweets


Enjoying the sun at Pohjois-Esplanadi, one of the big outdoor areas of Helsinki city centre


Dotted art right up my sleeve at Pohjois-Esplanadi


- Helsinki Harbour - 
landing spot for several ferries and soon housing a outdoor swimming and sauna area that we need to check out this summmer


Old town at the Harbour 


View of Helsinki from Island Suomenlinna 



- Fortress Island Suomenlinna - 
UNESCO World Heritage that is a favourite with tourists and locals for their historical sights and wonderful swimming and picnic spots. It also houses a minimum-security penal labor colony and about 800 inhabitants that commute to work every day via ferries.



My favourite spot to have a picnic and go swimming




A couple of picturesque houses on the way to the island that I would happily move into!


Hyvää Vappua to all my Finnish friends and I hope everyone enjoyed this first sneek peek of Helsinki. More will be coming soon!



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