April 16, 2018

Winter flew by quickly


It feels like this year is flying by. It is the middle of April and it feels like we just celebrated Christmas. The last 3 months of school have started and Summer is right around the corner. Not that those photos let you guess as much. The last remnants of snow are gone now as well and we just started working in the garden to make it ready for Summer. We also had our first BBQs of the season and it was great to sit outdoors for a bit. I was brave and actually packed our winter coats away. Let's see if that was such a smart idea. For now, wearing a leather jacket and some thin tights is all I need to survive the colder mornings as we do get up to 20°C this week. This red faux leather jacket has been a great colorful addition to my closet and will serve me well for this Spring and more seasons after that. I added a more monochrome grey and black outfit to the look to let the jacket be the focus piece. The grey skirt is one of my winter staples and works well the red.



What I wore

Jacket, Blouse & Bag: Primark
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Esda
Shoes: Deichmann
Scarf: gift
Watch: Skagen






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