October 3, 2018

Paris 2018 - Disneyland Day II


Paris was beautiful this year and our second day at Disneyland was full of sunshine and hot temperatures. A thunder storm was coming though and the air was really humid. I wore this floral dress and was quite the centre of attention while walking through the park as this print is actually quite loud when you don't wear it with a jacket. It's fully lined and therefore not the lightest dress, quite heavy and I did get just a little hot wearing it. Still loved the look and had so much fun looking girly in Disneyland!


What I wore

Jacket, Belt & Bag: Primark
Dress: Eshakti
Shoes: Deichmann
Tights: Esda
Necklace: heirloom
Watch: Skagen


We had so much fun at all the attractions that had been closed during our 2016 visit. My personal favourite was Casey Jr. Mr B. was quite surprised as he had thought it to be a little kids attraction. It was so much fun!






Sadly we got caught in the storm and got soaked while waiting in line at the Carrousel de Lancelot. We did go back to the hotel then and missed out on my favourite - Dumbo the Flying Elephant. The Mad Hatter Tea Cups were closed off during our stay and I was really sad about missing out on these, but we finally crossed all other rides off our lists. Of course, we want to come back to visit Disneyland one day again, but right now, I'd rather visit another country in rather than coming back to Paris in the near future. Well, Tokyo has got a great Disneyland ... :)





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