January 29, 2011

Newest shopping spree

One of my “bad” habits is that I love shopping. I just can’t pass by a red sale sign or a new decorative shop window. It might just be one of my few addictions (coffee and photography being the others that come to my mind right now).

As a student on a limited budget, I literally can’t afford to go shopping all the time. Even though I don’t spend more than I have in my bank account, I could reduce my monthly spending on clothes. To work on my bad habit I will join a competition starting with next Tuesday that is called the “30 for 30 Remix” (more on it later on this weekend).

For now I want to share my latest (and probably last) buys for at least the next 33 days :)
About a week ago, I went shoe shopping for Spring. As I am wearing a 42 (US 10, if I remember correctly), most of the nice models are either only made until 41 or are out of stock in no time. Therefore, I go shoe shopping right when the first stock of new seasonal shoes arrives. The good side – huge choice, the down side – one needs to wait to actually wear them.

{ Deichmann }

My 1st choice was a pair of ballerinas in the color of the season – nude – with just the right amount of sparkly details.

{ Deichmann }

I have been eyeing the 2nd pair (black brogues with ribbon laces) since last September and was happily surprise when I saw them in stock again. I just had to have them now and can’t wait to wear them in the spring, maybe with some skinny jeans or leggings and a long shirt.

My newest online find is “Kleider Kreisel”, an online platform for selling, swapping and giving away clothes, accessories and make up. There I have already sold some of the shelf warmers in my closet and in exchange found some pretty little treasures. This emerald green stone and necklace will be a great statement necklace!

The glasses are amazing. Just looking at them gives me the feeling of Summer!

{ Fashion Boutique }

I bought the purple scarf mainly because I love colors and this one will be able to brighten up an otherwise “plain” outfit.


london loves said...

Danke für deinen Kommentar! KK is addictive, hm? :D Ich hätt gern die Kette!

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