February 18, 2011

Evening colors

My day was missing color and I really needed something to brighten my evening. What better to get a bright and shiny manicure?! As I have already mentioned on Valentine’s day, I adore OPI nail polish and seriously need to buy a lot more shades. Currently I have my eyes on the “Katy Perry” collection with that amazing “shattered” effect. Would love to get “The One that got away” together with the “Black Shatter” as a top coat. It just looks amazing.

I have recently seen the upcoming “Pirates of the Caribbean – On stranger Tides” collection on Fleur’s Blog. It looks even better. The silver shatter top coat might not be as extreme as the one from the Katy Perry collection. Can’t wait to get my hands on either top coat.

For tonight, I went with my favorite pink shade “Ate Berries in the Canaries” and added a little sparkle with the nail stickers from Essence. Looking at it gives me an instant smile. Let’s see how it will work with my outfit number 18 tomorrow!

                                    - Light in my room -                                    - with Flash -


Savannah said...

LOVE! You have such nice nails.

Rachel said...

I really like the Katy Perry colors; I'm wearing 'Teenage Dream' right now. :D
The color you have on right now is lovely! So bright and cheerful!

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