March 20, 2011

Dog sunday

I spent my Sunday with the family in the garden. My mom prepared the beds for planting and my sister and I tried to build an archway for rambler roses. We failed at some point, but got help from our garden neighbor later. They recently got a new dog and she is such a cutie. I could have spent the entire afternoon running around with her.



The weather has been quite cold again, but I really wanted to wear my new woolen poncho. I decided to just wear it on top of my leather jacket. It gave some extra coziness to my outfit and helped me stay warm while being outside the entire afternoon.
The photos are once again taken by my sister :)



What I wore

Poncho: Thrifted; KleiderKreisel
Leather Jacket: Mister & Lady Jeans (men’s department)
Shirt, Scarf, Bag & Top: H&M
Pants: Long Fashion
Ring: gift from my sister


Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! I will spend mine reading a good book while cuddling up in a comfy blanket.


Tiffany said...

love your thrifted poncho! It looks so cozy and warm.

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